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Runners during GRAWE Night Marathon and next to them is the sign "She initiated me"

GRAWE Corporate social responsibility: PoKRENI


The initiative PoKRENI started with the goal of raising awareness about the necessity of introducing healthy habits to improve the quality of life and maintain one’s health.

The initiative for the welfare of every individual in the community

The initiative PoKRENI, implemented since 2015, was started to raise awareness about the need of introducing healthy habits to improve the quality of life and preserve one’s health. As an insurance company, life and health are at the top of our list of priorities and it is our responsibility, within our possibilities, to provide individuals in the community in which we operate with the tools and techniques necessary for the preservation of those values and the support and motivation to realize positive changes.

Who is the initiative PoKRENI intended for


Persons who already jog and want to stimulate someone else


Persons who have never done this physical activity, and want to get started

PoKRENI - trkači početnici
Beginner joggers

Those who started and need the motivation and support in adopting this healthy habit

PoKRENI - svi ostali
Anyone else

Who needs the motivation and stimulation to start positive changes for themselves and their health


We all know that the first step is really the hardest, and how hard it is to make decidion about it if we don't have the support of our community. Support often also means the availability of information that will help us to pursue the activity of the highest quality and to understand the benefits it has to our health and, consequently, to our lives.

However, we all know that support does not usually come on its own, but somehow we all look for it, looking for motivation, inspiration, or some trigger that will initiate us.

What do we offer through our initiative?

Ikona dva isprepletena prstena

Through the exchange of experience, professional and experiential articles

Ikona strelice

Through motivating stories and posters on our social networks

Ikona ruke u koju se stavljaju kovanice
Charity work

Collecting jogging kilometres through charity activities for donations to associations

Ikona obitelji
Socializing and fun

On GRAWE night marathon and other partner races

i.e. vehicle insurance