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GRAWE Liability insurance


Your security for damage you cause to third parties

Liability insurance protects you in the event of damage that you inadvertently inflict on third parties and/or on their property or damage arising from the use of your property, that is, your home, apartment or land.

The full range of risks is insured, depending on the types of contracted policy.

Private liability insurance
Although it may seem unlikely, you or your household members can easily cause damage to a third party or his property. Imagine, for example, a situation where a spill in your washing machine damages the apartment below you. Damage that occurs in this way is your responsibility. Private liability insurance protects you from the cost of such damages up to a maximum of EUR 75,000 and is included in your household insurance policy.
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Property and land liability insurance
If you have caused damage to a third party or its property due to the possession, use or maintenance of your house, apartment or land, you are responsible for covering those costs. We often neglect such situations, and these unplanned expenditures can be extremely high. Imagine, for example, a roof tile falling from your roof and damaging your neighbor's car? It is in such cases that it is useful to have a property and land liability insurance policy.

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