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A man and a woman sitting on a boat and sailing

GRAWE Boat insurance


GRAWEplov:Protection package for safe navigation

To enjoy your sailing just the way you envisioned it, here is a GRAWEplov boat safety product offer:

  • compulsory insurance of the motorboat owner or yacht owner against liability for damage caused to third parties
  • compulsory insurance of passengers in public transport from the consequences of an accident
  • boat all-risk insurance
  • insuring personal belongings and luggage for passengers or crew
  • voluntary liability insurance of the owner or user of the boat or yacht
  • voluntary insurance of passengers and crew in maritime traffic from the consequences of an accident

For the safety of your navigation, the following is at your disposal:

Boats in port, in the distance stone houses along the coast

Compulsory insurance of boat

Provide yourself with basic compulsory insurance
	A man sitting on a sailboat and looking up at the sky

Boat all-risk insurance

In addition, protect yourself with a boat all-risk insurance and insurance of personal belongings and luggage
	A man and a woman sitting on a boat and sailing

Voluntary boat insurance

Insure crew, passengers, and yourself against liability

You can get more information from our foreign language sales representatives. They are available to provide advise in your language.

You can find a list of sales representatives here.

List of sales representatives
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