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Living room: a couch and some plants on shelves

House and home insurance


Comprehensive home package

There are three important shelves in the house. The first one has framed photos of your loved ones. On the other are books and little things. The third is your home insurance policy!

GRAWE HOME insurance packages help you protect the home in which you put the effort and love. Unfortunately, sometimes just one moment is enough to make everything disappear or be permanently damaged.

With GRAWE HOME insurance packages, you protect your home from fire, natural disasters, water spills, robberies and other disasters.

The property insurance policy GRAWE HOME
What can you insure under the property insurance policy GRAWE HOME?

- Insurance of the building part of a house or apartment
- Household insurance
Living room: desk and chair, swing in the middle of the living room, a lot of plants eveywhere
Additional insurances
You can additionally insure:

- Insurance of electrical appliances
- Home assistance insurance
- Earthquake insurance
- Property and land ownership liability insurance
- Accident insurance for family members

You can get more information from our foreign language sales representatives. They are available to provide advise in your language.

You can find a list of sales representatives here.

List of sales representatives
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