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GRAWE aula

Facts about GRAWE

Who we are

Find out how our company developed from an initial fire insurance company to a multilateral, international group of companies. Here you can also find all information on GRAWE Croatia, the Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG (Mutual Insurance Company) and the GRAWE Group.

Find out more about GRAWE

GRAWE Croatia in Zagreb

GRAWE Croatia Inc.

The first international insurance company in Croatia
GRAWE Group - building of Grazer Wchselseitige in Graz, Austria


Grawe in 14 countries of central and eastern Europe
Grawe real Estates Ltd. - GRAWE building in Dubrovnik

Grawe real Estates Ltd.

The quality of space on your side!
GRAWE's history - a woman looks at old photos


Power that has been growing for 193 years
GRAWE near you - fingers point at smoe places on the map

GRAWE near you

Find your nearest GRAWE office
GRAWE mission and vision - aula of the building og Grazer Wechselseitige in Graz, Austria

Our mission and vision

The values we create for our clients
GRAWE Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

The basis for a healthy relationship with the local community

You can get more information from our foreign language sales representatives. They are available to provide advise in your language.

You can find a list of sales representatives here.

List of sales representatives
i.e. vehicle insurance