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GRAWE Hrvatska Inc. office
Our philosophy

We base our business philosophy on tradition and long-term planning for the future. We are constantly raising awareness of the importance of protecting all values of life, and through various activities, we become aware of good habits, such as savings and healthy living. Security, reliability, stability, responsibility and tradition are some of the values we cherish. They are woven into our day-to-day relationships with customers, business partners and employees.

We invest funds cautiously and securely, which is why we can at any time settle all obligations under the insurance contract. We are proud of the prompt and correct payment of damages. In 28 years of existence, each year we have attributed profits to customers through life insurance policies, which is the best evidence of positive and stable insurance. Our business is focused on providing services to individuals and SMEs of all types of activities.

With the development of a sales network throughout Croatia, we provide quality jobs to a large number of employees and encourage employment and economic development in smaller communities. We currently operate in 65 offices across Croatia and employ almost 700 employees.

i.e. vehicle insurance