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Corporate volunteering

GRAWE Corporate volunteering

“Proud to volunteer” and help

Every year, under the motto „Proud to volunteer“, we place ourselves, our free time, experience and efforts at the disposal to help the most sensitive groups in our local communities. GRAWE volunteers work voluntarily during office hours and clean rooms and surroundings of associations or institutions and natural sites throughout Croatia. From one year to another, an increasing number of employees join this activity. In 2017 alone there were 50% of all employees (50.37%) who participated in 18 actions.

We are proud of all the changes that we have made together with the local communities, institutions and association through volunteering! By recognizing the importance of raising awareness about the importance of volunteering and its benefits for the individuals and the community, in 2015 GRAWE was among the first companies to sign the Charter on Recognizing Competences Gained by Volunteering and expressed its readiness to develop good practices in evaluating volunteering on employment and professional promotion, by stimulating and acknowledging volunteering activities of its employees.

In 2011, we received the award by the Volunteering Centre Osijek for the contribution of the business sector to the development and promotion of volunteering, and in 2015 we received an award for the special contribution to the development of volunteering awarded by the Civil Society Council and the Committee for the development of volunteering of the Volunteering Centre Osijek.

In order to contribute additionally to the promotion of volunteering in the corporate sector, in 2017 we joined the Network for the development of corporate volunteering founded by the Volunteering Centre Zagreb.

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